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"There are many reasons why you may wish to seek an individual".

It maybe they owe money, have gone missing or it maybe someone from your past, either friend or family who you wish to be reunited.

We at Grosvenor Investigations can assist in tracing these people.

We have a vast array or resources at our disposal, which has enabled us to trace hundreds of individuals for our clients.

Following an initial consultation we pass the information provided through various databases, which are not accessible to the public. This often results in the production of multiple addresses. After further groundwork and cross referencing information we are then able to confirm a single point of contact for the intended trace subject before reporting the information.

Our success rate is in excess of 85%


Following the successful tracing of a past tenant who had left my property in poor repair, I managed to recover most of the cost of repair and fees. I would not hesitate to use the service of Grosvenor Investigations again."

Simon Johnson, Middlesbrough

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